Why Another Podcast?

Et tu Kamal? Yup, me too.

Few years ago, I recorded episodes for a podcast, but never launched it.  Why?  Because I realized that it was no different than so many out there. That doesn’t hold my interest, nor does it serve the world.

I tried again this year.  This time, just me riffing on what I’ve learned in life. But sitting around talking to myself isn’t necessarily my favorite activity.  So I scrapped it.

“The last thing the world needs,” I said to a wise friend on the phone, “is another podcast.”

Silence on the other end. Then, a question: “What do you need?”

When I published Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, I didn’t know what the world needed.  I just knew I had to share what I’d learned.  And share it in the best way I knew how.

As it turned out, that’s exactly what the world needed. Still does, even more so. Funny how this works, right?

If you were to ask what makes me me, I’d highlight two things: 

1. I’m insanely curious.  About people.  About life.  About the nature of reality.  I want to know it all.  

2. I’m always working to be better.  If I’m not a significantly better man - or heck, a better human - than the one I was last year, then I’ve failed.  

On top of that, given the life I live, I meet all sorts of fascinating people.  Some of them, you’ll never have heard of.  For example, a Navy fighter pilot buddy of mine.  What’s his life like?  What lessons does he have to share?

Or a friend who’s a sex surrogate. Can you imagine her story? Or a friend who built and sold a successful juice company and these days, sits on boards, helping CEOs be better (and more human) leaders. What can he teach?

Why not interview them and record it so others can learn as well?

I recorded four episodes and sent them friends.  They loved it and pushed me to launch this podcast.  Two of them independently came up with the exact same title, so I went with it.

The title: Curious Kamal

And here we are.  The beginning of a journey.  It will be fun, interesting, and deep.  I’m sure it’ll evolve over time, so would love your thoughts on what you’d like to hear.  

Thank you for joining me.


(Oh, the image is the cover for the podcast. And the podcast itself will be out soon, I’ll let you know when.)

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