Something to noodle on...

I stopped by an eyeglass store to pick up a new pair of sunglasses.  The woman helping me mentioned that she’d studied literature and wanted to be a writer.  But, she said, she’s only writing for herself, not sharing her work.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it’s scary to be vulnerable.”

I totally get that.  But if anything writing my books has shown me, it’s that in sharing our vulnerability that we transform lives.  Keeping our creations to ourselves serves no one.  Not even us, because we’re holding on to it from a place of fear.

The magic happens when you put it out to the world.  If you’re reading this newsletter, it’s because I put my work out to the world and you connected with it.  Magic.

So, what are you not putting out to the world?  Just something to noodle on…

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