The Nature of Reality

Ever have an accident create something valuable? Well, I recently did.

I was going to record a private conversation with a buddy on Clubhouse (it’s a popular app for audio conversations) on this topic: the nature of reality. More as a test than anything. I was curious as to how it would go.

Well, I open the room and find out that I’d made it public, rather than private. Within seconds, there’s a slew of people in the room waiting to hear me riff on the nature of reality.

So, I went with it. I pulled up some people from the audience and what resulted was pure magic. A dive into consciousness, meditation, God, healing, and even an amazing reading of one of the best short stories around: “The Egg,” by Andy Weir.

I knew I had my next episode. Pure and real and deep conversation on a topic that all of us noodle on at some point in our lives. In a nutshell, answering the question: “when you look out at the stars at night, what do you think this whole show’s all about?”

I know you’ll enjoy this. I sure as heck did. Links below:


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