Human Stories and Lessons

Photo taken minutes before recording the I Get Psychoanalyzed on (Almost) Dying episode. Somewhere around end of September. I was at a doctor’s office, hence the mask.

Unlike writing, where the real work is in the re-writing, an episode is an in-the-moment creation. There’s no going back, no massaging a sentence fifteen times to get it crisp and right. What comes out of you or your guest's mouth, well, that’s what it is.

If you sound like a royal idiot, then you put your royal idiotness out to the world. If you get great stories and insights out of your guests, then you walk around for days grinning to yourself. There’s a certain freedom in this process that I’m really enjoying.

My goal here is to share human stories, and importantly, the lessons. And to do it in an honest and real way. This episode, in particular, was a special one. I had no idea how it'd turn out, but I had to be fully open and in the moment, no matter what the psychoanalyst asked.

I hope you’re enjoying listening to these episodes just as much as I’m enjoying creating them.